Motobikes are very special to WHYTE STUDIO, our Creative Director Bianca Whyte is an ex pro Motocross Rider and across the WHYTE STUDIO collections you will notice design inspiration taken from the moto world such as; panels, safety belts and stitching.

In the motorcycle world there are many different types of motorcycles, and also many different types of people that ride those bikes. When most people think about motobikes they consider it as a more masculine sport, however women in motosport  and extreme sports are just as prevelant and the popularity amongst women riders continues to grow at a very high rate. 

The lure of open road is the ultimate freedom and in a world so structured and planned, going for a ride or testing your skills on a track is a great way to express yourself. Needless to say WHYTE STUDIO places huge support for women in motosport and we urge every girl and woman to try something outside of the stereotype in areas of all sports. 

We took five minutes with one of our real rider ambassador Donna Maria (who is also a beauty influencer) and asked her a few questions about her rider lifestyle. 

Donna tell us how you go into to riding? 

I got in to riding when I was a kid, as my family are all riders. My dad always told me when I was three years old I was always riding with my uncle on his Harley.

What’s a great bike to start riding on for beginners?

I would say any bike of your choice but with a small engine (125) this way you learn how to handle your bike in regards to sharp turns etc.

What was your first bike and wha bike do you ride now?

My first every bike was the family Vespa, you know the classic green one. But I now ride a Yamaha MT

What is your dream bike?

This is a hard one as I love different type of bikes in general. I always loved Harley Davidson for them easy ride days, but now I would say Yamaha R1 or the Kawasaki ninja 650 and they have to me all black!

What are some stereotypes you have experienced with being a female rider?

When people typically think of a biker they think of men
women in motorcycle magazines are oversexualized and dressed in bikinis dropping over the bikes instead of driving the bike
women are always thought of as the passenger not a rider.
And whenever I tell people I ride they are always shocked! As they say I don’t look like the type to ride.

What are your favourite places to ride to?

I love long rides in the countryside! A long ride to Dorset is the best!

Who do you go riding with?

I ride with my partner and our biker family

Do you belong to any riding clubs?

Not yet haha! But I would so love to be in one! Any takers I am available

Have you had any scary experiences when riding?

Yes loads haha! The most scariest is when there is gravel on the road and I nearly skidded off.

What do you wear when you ride?

I would love to wear all Whyte Studio biker edition 😉 but at the moment I wear a men’s biker jacket 😔. There isn’t a flattering women’s biker gear. Unless you buy a mens gear and customise it to your fit.  

What is your dream destination to ride to?

I dream to ride across the United States!

What are riding essentials?

Padded texture or leather jacket and trousers (depend on the weather)
Then you have your winter and summer gloves
Rider boots and of course your helmet!

What is the best thing about riding?

Freedom! The feeling you can just jump on you bike and go anywhere, Places that your car can’t even take you. Also the adrenaline of being on the bike!  
“Just you, your bike and the long road ahead of you.”


Videographer: AJ Hira 
Photographer: Manh VJ Nguyen