Whyte Studio boasts a rich and dynamic history rooted in passion, innovation, and collaboration. The journey of Whyte Studio began in 2017 when the brand was co-founded in London by Bianca Whyte and Lynne Haywood. Their shared vision and dedication to fashion led to the creation of a brand that quickly garnered attention for its unique blend of tailored, sports-inspired clothing. This distinctive style was heavily influenced by the founder's personal body shape and love for extreme sports, resulting in designs that were both functional and stylish.
From its inception, Whyte Studio stood out in the fashion industry as an international brand, stocked in over 30 stores worldwide. The clothing line captured the attention of celebrities and fashion icons, with designs being worn by stars such as Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Bebe Rexha, Little Mix, Kelly Rowland, and Maya Jama. This high-profile recognition helped cement the brand's reputation for quality and style. Additionally, participation in major fashion weeks across Paris, London, New York, and Australia further showcased the designs to a global audience, elevating the brand's status within the industry.
In 2019, Bianca made the significant decision to move back to Australia, expanding the brand's reach and influence in new markets while continuing to collaborate closely with the team in London.
By 2021, Whyte Studio had evolved significantly, undertaking a rebranding initiative to transform into a design and production agency. This new direction focused on sportswear and tailoring innovation, emphasising a commitment to community engagement. The rebrand allowed the brand to expand its services and impact, supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs in their creative and production endeavours. The agency now helps aspiring fashion designers, business owners and established brands create, design, and produce fashion-forward, functional collections, leveraging expertise and experiences.
The clientele has always comprised fashion-forward individuals, brands, or gym franchises who appreciate a blend of functionality and style, particularly those inspired by sports and active lifestyles. Whyte Studio caters to both men and women seeking tailored, innovative sportswear that reflects their dynamic way of life.