The source of WHYTE STUDIO inspiration is to be able to support and highlight the amazing achievements of women. Working in a creative field and doing what you love doesn't always come easily, it involved a lot of hard work, persistence and commitment. 

During the last year we were approached by the beautiful Sallyha Din and since we have learned about her many talents and enterprises. She is definitely someone that packs 100% in her day, from modelling to business and extreme sports she continues to inspire us in every way. 

1. Tell us about yourself and all the amazing things you do?

So! my name is Sallyha and I am a professional business woman, content creator and model. I came to London at 18 to study business at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy and also worked as a professional model since.

2. When did you first know you wanted to do something creative for work?

I actually started in my first business at eight and was very much into art as my mother was a graphic designer. So I compiled the two together and have had small businesses in design from a very young age.

3. What inspires you when working?

Haha, well, rebellion, values and the right to expression. 

Coming from a fairly religious background I went through a lot of oppression, especially in fashion and working. I am inspired by my younger self and by all the women and men going through what I have. I believe your value lies in what you bring to the table so I am always inspired to up my game. 

4. How do you stay motivated?

I have dreams of things I would love to create in my future, so I keep motivated by the opportunity of all I can become if I am consistent, original and of course, motivated.

5. What was the most exciting job you did?

I have been extremely blessed with my work. But I’d have to say it was seeing my work posted in Vogue Italia and also being on multiple Billboards, it sounds vain but it is a feeling like no other seeing your work advertised in a way for all to see.  

6. You also have some great poses, can you share a tip on how to make the most of angles?

Practice, practice, practice. Act your pose, embody the vibe. Modelling is not about always looking beautiful, its abut expressing the clothes, service  or product. I often change my look to express the outfit, that has gotten me far. Also use the pictures you hate, as the fuel for your poses. My first shoots, I cried a lot, I felt awful about myself, but that ultimately lead me to the mindset of not being hung up on my looks and ultimately has made me a better model. I now have poise, grace and versatility, all credit to my failures 

7. When is the best time of the day for photos? 

Any time if you know what you’re doing I guess! Each time of day brings a different mood, but if you’re new to photography and poses be aware of light and shadows. having a photographer that knows and understands light is also great. 

Work with your photographer, always look at the shots they take and you can then asses your angles and see what works for you. 

8. Tell us how did you get into riding?

I got into bikes very much so a few years ago, but have always had a thing for them I guess. I have a best friend who is French and when I was younger she told me she had a bike and it somewhat triggered me and then I had a biker partner and well it snowballed from there. The was a sense of ease and focus I had when I was on a bike that I loved. I feel very present and me. I eventually persuaded my mum and brother of my decision and my mum told me that my father was a rider and also my uncle is a rider. So guess it all came full circle. She is also interested in getting a bike, but I have had to tell her we will have to see about that! Haha! 

9. How do you balance all your passions?

Funnily enough this is one I have struggled with. As a creative, I dance, do performance art, speaking, modelling and now co-founder of a photography company, Mindthevison. People say I’m always working and if not working I’m studying, in marketing, property, self development science or business. I actively made massive changes from 2018/2019 to work on my spirituality and am now working mainly on modelling, my company and spirituality. If I chose to do other things I schedule them in. 

My balance has come from my daily routine of reading, fitness, yoga, journaling, and meditation. These few things everyday have given me mental space to perform better and focus on what needs to be prioritised. 

10. What has been the hardest thing during lock down?

The hardest thing has been the fluctuation of work. A lot of our large business contracts have been moved or put on hold, but we are choosing to look at it as an opportunity. 

11. How did you stay creative during this period? 

I still shot regularly and did a few courses too. I spent this time focusing on my health and happiness as well as learning new skills. 

12. What are you most looking forward to after lock down?

Being able to Travel! I’m so excited to get back Into travelling! 

13. What is your favourite travel destination?

Gheeze I have a few! Egypt is one I am very attached too, I adore the history. Costa Rica was phenomenally beautiful and peaceful, and Bali. All very beautiful and scenic.