This weekend would have market the London Marathon 26th of April 2020, it has now been postponed for October due to the Covid-19 virus. You might have seen people all around the city doing what they can to continue and raise much needed funds for their charity of choice.

For many charities this is the time where they receive most of their much needed funding to continue their amazing work. Charity supporters called out for sponsorships in many creative ways using the 2.6 challenge or anything that involved the number 26. 

One charity that it close to our hearts is that of the Back Up Trust. Our Creative Director Bianca Whyte instantly connected with Back Up Trust given her own personal affiliations with Spinal Cord Injuries her colleagues and fellow sports racers experienced in the Motocross Circuit. This year Bianca designed the "Back Up" Dress with spinal eyelet design to mark this relationship. Earlier in March Whyte Studio participated in the Back Up Front Row Fashion Show, an incredible charity event featuring incredible Spinal Cord Injury models. 

We want to continue the 2.6 challenge and for this week we would like to raise awareness for the Back Up Trust and donate 10% of each sale made on Whyte Studio to this amazing charity. They need our support now more than ever. We know we are all struggling, it has not been an easy time but every little bit helps. 

Bianca has also put her hand up to accept challenges each day of this week to help further sponsor her page for Just Giving, so we are reaching out to you to suggest challenges you would like to see Bianca do! 

Email your challenge to info@whyte-studio.com or DM us on Instagram. Let's do this together!