From this week TFL has announced that people using their transport links must wear a PPE mask to ensure safety for all.  We are very happy to see so many people returning to work and the 'new' normal to their lives. However, this transition won't be easy and even though we have adapted fast to the virus and lock down, we are still coming to terms with a lot of emotions and changes that have impacted our lives. 

Designing and creating our own branded masks has been a process, we didn't know how to react at the first release of masks by brands some months ago and have decided to wait until we were sure this was going to be a product that was very much needed. Our aim to be as sustainable as possible and reduce landfill waste has paused a lot of unnecessary production. WHYTE STUDIO has always pledged to produce small quantities and limited pieces and this includes the make of masks. We are letting you our amazing customers lead us in the direction on the product you would like to wear and as such will produce only the amounts necessary to your needs. One of the things about pre-orders is that they don't happen overnight, it's a slower process however a much more sustainable one. 

The last few months has made us really think about the state of our industry and how we contribute to the landfill and we had a lot of conversations with sustainability experts such as Katarina Rimarcikova and Lucia Rosin that we will be working closely with to ensure our products going forward are environmentally friendlier and sustainable.

One of the contributing factors to environment is also packaging and the carbon footprint caused by travel and shipping. Now, we understand that returns are part of the customer choice and trade, however we do urge all our customers to really consider purchases before committing to ensure we don't add to waste and pollution in the shipping and packing process. Our studio is open for private appointments and we are happy to take on live video chats to show you our product and the fit to ensure you make the right choice. 

Please do get in touch and let us know what will help you more on your shopping decision? We are open to all feedback and are committed to streamline the selection process as much as possible. Let's aim to all positively contribute to the world we all live in by reducing waste by being more conscious and aware of the topic.