Welcome to our first WHYTE STUDIO blog! We hope you are keeping safe during this very challenging time for us all.

Nothing has forced us so much to stop what we are doing and focus on health as much as COVID 19, even if we are not feeling unwell during this time our health systems are bursting and we all need to ensure to keep the virus from spreading.

We like many other retail businesses had to close our physical trading and focus our communication online. Honestly, it has been a very stressful time mixed with health fears and economic uncertainty, however we are focused on trying to rise above this and use the time to connect with our wonderful community of incredible and talented people across the globe. We have taken this opportunity to shine a light, listen to advice, share stories and get through this together.

Digital space is not our forte, we are not experts but as it is the only way we can continue to communicate with the outside world we are trying our best to spread positive information in hope that it will reach you and give you some sort of relief during this time.

Here are a few of our top ten self isolating tips:

1. Start the day with a list or a plan

2. Spend 10 minutes with deep breathing and visualise your happy thoughts 

3. Give your body a deep stretch 

4. Drink lemon with warm water to cleanse 

5. Listen to your favourite live stream or podcast to get inspired.

6. Discover a new skill, enrol in an online course

7. Get dressed as if you are working, don't spend the day in your PJs

8. Have regular breaks for a snack and lunch, or go for a mid afternoon jog or follow a live fitness stream in your living room

9. Get in touch with friends and family to see if they are ok and check in on your neighbours.

10. Have your favourite music playing in the background and light your favourite candle.