Back to Reality: Your post lockdown Summer essentials

  • A Safe & Stylish Summer: our favourite Face Masks
  • Sustainable shopping: Environmentally Friendly Fashion
  • Investment pieces: A Cost effective way to update your wardrobe
  • The Belt: one item buys to stay Off Duty and on Trend 

As of the 24th July it has become compulsory to wear a face mask in all shops across the Uk. If you're like us at Whyte Studio and believe the surgical blue/white disposable mask is a real outfit spoiler, then we've got you covered (literally). We recently featured the love island icon @montanarosebrown1 styling our 'Deactivate Face Mask' beautifully on our instagram page, designed and created in our London studio for both men and women (also available in military green and a reflective print). Another mask we are crushing on is the 'Floral Face mask' by Needle & Thread- a perfect match for a floaty summer dress. Or if you're into more vibrant stand out patterns, Boden has created a mystery mix bundle buy set of 3 face masks, they're also created using the 'ends of fabric rolls' making them recycled and eco-friendly! On the other hand Kidred are doing their bit to support the NHS by donating all proceeds of their mask sales to NHS charities. The masks come in both black and white with the iconic rainbow badge to pay homage to the bravery and sacrifice shown by all NHS workers across the country. Although the fabric mask is more practical and cost effective, we must advise that you wash these frequently after use to ensure for maximum protection and hygiene. 

Staying indoors throughout lockdown led to many of us taking part in the essential and long-awaited 'wardrobe clear out', discovering pieces in your wardrobe you may have forgotten even exist! Many of us taking to Depop, Etsy and sites like Ebay. As well as earning some extra cash, this is a great way to shop in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. After discovering the exact scale of the fashion carbon footprint (10% of all carbon emissions annually), here at Whyte studio we have created a Depop page where we sell exclusive one- off sample pieces straight from the catwalk or photoshoot at a greatly discounted price. This reducing the trend of 'single use style' and to promote eco-friendly fashion.

Due to the current circumstances, we may be holding onto our pockets a little tighter this summer which means one thing for us trend hungry, fashion forward shopaholics: The Investment piece. This meaning; a piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down for almost any occasion, from jumpsuits and rompers to dresses and dungarees. At Whyte Studio we are here for the staple one piece buys. In fact we have recently transformed our popular "Reflective Journey Jumpsuit" into a Romper to cater to the summer season. Another item that has been recently transformed is our "Deactivate Blazer dress", which has been re-designed into a sleeveless alternative, available in 'Military green' and 'Latte Houndstooth' - two shades that suit any complexion. Creating a smart silhouette ready to wear in the heat. These items can be dressed up with heels for date night cocktails or with a pair of sneakers for a picnic in the park. The outfits options are endless! 

Another way to update your wardrobe cost effectively is to invest in accessories in contrast to clothing. One word: Belt! Summer 2020 has seen 'Off duty silhouettes' take over the trends as seen on Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner.  Whyte studios also recently featured style influence @imjaewoods styling our "Astro Belt" with a simple blazer and cycling short and mule heel; another look to be dressed up and down all summer long! Not to mention our current online offer: customers who purchase the "Justify Dress" receive a Free Astro Belt (use code: FREEBELT). 

This is the perfect time to re-evaluate your fashion self, ask yourself 'who you want to be?' and 'what you want to portray in your style?' Sticking to re-occuring trends is a great start, for example: 'Tailoring'. Tailoring best demonstrated by Marc de Vincenzo and Christian Dior this summer, is a trend we often see recycle itself throughout the year moulding to different seasonal needs. This summer we saw the 'shortsuit' and 'shirt dress' make numerous appearances. Blazer dresses' and shirt dresses' are some of our staple pieces and what we are renowned for at Whyte Studio. We believe workwear should be versatile, fashionable and flattering for the modern day working woman. Our 'Made to order' blazer dresses- which range in shapes and colours-have been a huge hit this summer following the popular 'Off duty' trend. In particular our "Drift blazer dress" in Black and Nude.

We hope the Whyte studio summer 2020 style guide has brought relief and has sparked some style inspiration for this transitional phase back into reality.  At Whyte studios we pride ourselves on our contemporary style which embodies creativity and empowerment of the 'Fearless modern woman'. We create for women who simply don't have time to accommodate for an outfit change in everyday life, for example between work and a dinner with friends. We handpick materials that flatter any body shape, ensuring comfort and flawless fit with each piece.

"Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life".

Stay Safe!

Whyte Studio //.