What has COVID 19 taught us? That we are all connected in some way shape of form. It is with this in mind that we at WHYTE STUDIO have used this time to reach out to our network across all industries and asked them to share their time and talents on our LIVE STREAM to help boost their mental state as well as that of our audience and us!

In a time such as now when most of us are challenged with  health and economic uncertainties we must also acknowledge those things that we can offer for free, the passions we have and the love for different crafts and knowledge that we can share and also learn from. 

Here are some of our favourite LIVE STREAMS we have joined:

1. BOF 

2. Mrs Rodial 

3. Wethe_Wildones

4. Aimeesong

5. Ellieprohan

One of the main messages we have been receiving is that despite all, creativity and innovation does not need to stop and infect thrives at a time like this. This is a message that keeps us going.

If you have been joining into any amazing Live Streams not listed above please share with us.

We would love to also see you join our amazing network at @whyte_studio IG Live for a daily dose of fun, music and inspiration courtesy of our amazing friends.